Customer Testimonials for Starr's Cars & Truck, Inc

William Griffith - 2003 Chevy Trailblazer

a year ago-
Posting this for my father. After searching and looking for vehicles for my father within the price range he was looking for. We stopped in at Starr's Cars and was greeted by Dave. My father told him the price range he was looking for and right away Dave was on the ball showing us the vehicles they had on the lot in that price range. Not once showing anything over the price he could afford. Dave was very friendly and personable. Dave found my father a vehicle he liked and what he was looking for. After looking for a month or better my father drove off of the lot very happy. My father was very satisfied with Starr's Cars and salesman Dave Davis. I would recommend Starr's Cars to anyone looking for a great atmosphere, friendly and non pushy sales people.

Matthew Rhodes - 2001 Pontiac Bonneville

a year ago-
Simply put these guys are great. Parents purchased my current car from them (2001 Pontiac Bonneville) 7 or so years ago. My current car is still running great. Of course because its now 16 years old it has some major issues but that's the fault of a mechanic we took it to (only once). Went there this weekend to look for a new car for myself and informed them that we were only looking as we were waiting for some financing things to come in and complete so that we could make a good down payment on a car and take out an affordable loan. They had me sign a test drive agreement (just makes sense) and gave us a dealer plate. Asked which cars we were interested in and gave us one key at a time. After we were done with one we just went in and asked for the other key. We test 3 cars in total in under an hour and they NEVER tried to push a car on us. Nothing but friendly and when we asked about lower the price of the car we wanted most because of a couple issues (braked need replaced, windshield chip, and electric lock not working on the back driver side door) they agreed that those were all issues that they would discount the car for. We plan to be back soon and hopefully I'll drive off the lot again happy with another car that will last another 8 or 9 years.

Angelina Morgan - 2011 Chevy Traverse

6 months ago-
I brought a chevy traverse today and I could not be happier with Starr's cars! The process was so easy. In was in and out, unlike the full day it takes at the larger dealerships. Ralph made the whole experience so simple and I could not be more thankful!

Latisha Howard - 2011 Chevy Malibu

7 months ago-
I purchased a 2011 Chevy Malibu from here last month and I'm very pleased!!!! My car note is very affordable and I only need brakes/rotors and tires. Nothing major in my eyes. Dave Davis was my car salesman. He is a very, very determined and hardworking car salesman!!! He worked very, very hard to help me get that car and I got it!!! Everyone there is very nice and respectful!!! I would recommend anyone to purchase a car from here. This place has been around for along time and has an excellent repetition!!! I know this because I had a patient tell me he was raised in Perry, and I told him I just purchased a car from Perry last month. He said where, Starr's Cars?? I just laughed and smiled, because he said they've been in business along time and they're Good. Thank you so much for your excellent service and the beautiful car!!! I've received so many compliments....

Jon Deis - 2008 Pontiac G6 GT

2 months ago-
Just bought a '08 Pontiac G6 gt from here about a week ago. Went above & beyond to get me approved & into a car I wanted & could afford, when nobody else would. Dave Davis was a true professional. Really happy with the whole experience I had with Starrs Cars & Mr. Davis. 10/10

Kristen Gates - 2007 Hyundai Sonata

a month ago-
I pass this place every day so when I was looking for a car I made the time to finally stop in and see what was for sale — Dave Davis was very helpful without being the stereotypical pushy sales guy, let me test drive a couple cars and make my own decision about which would suit my need, and then helped me right through to get the financing I needed. Will most definitely be back again when my family needs another car, thank you so much Dave!

Eileen Nagy - 2006 Toyota Matrix

a month ago-
This place is amazing! Just bought my 4th car from them! I bought all 4 cars from Dave Davis and he always goes above and beyond to take care of me. I HIGHLY recommend this place! Do yourself a favor and contact Dave! You want regret it!!!

Silas Kelley - 2006 Chevy Cobalt

a month ago-
Excellent service! I was approved regardless of my credit! Excellent customer service. This is my 2nd time purchasing a car from here. I would definitely recommend some 1st time buyers to purchase a car from this lot.

Alfredo Molina - 2010 Volkswaqon Jetta

a week ago-
I bought a 2010 VW Jetta, Dave helped me find the perfect car for me within my budget, without good credit i was stuck not being able to finance a car in most places, Luckily Starrs was able to work with me. The car some minor issues that Starrs helped relieve when they didn't need to, this is a great place and I highly recommend it to anyone

Leslee Chilberti - 2014 Nissan Sentra

Leslee Chilberti

a month ago-
I had an awesome experience here! I was treated very well by RJ and he was able to get me financed and the payments are within my budget. I have never been treated this good by a dealership. RJ helped me so much and I am grateful to him. I will continue to buy cars from them. Don’t let the negative reviews deter you from going to see them. Great group of guys!

Will Bennet - 2005 Chrysler Town and Country

2 weeks ago-
I bought a 2005 Town & Country from this place 9 yrs ago, at the time it was only 4 yrs old, for less than 5 grand. I'm still driving that van,it runs good. Things go bad on any used vehicle, they go bad on new vehicles. Don't buy a used vehicle if your clueless on what to look for when your out shopping for one. I check out their inventory all the time online,see what they got. ( every year since I was a customer..9yrs ago, they send me a bday card, they don't have to but they do..that's damn nice of them, I would consider it a loyalty customer thing) I would purchase another vehicle from them.

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